DJ Biography

Since the heyday of underground raves in the Washington-Baltimore area, which was the very early 90's, Campbell attained to be behind the decks. At that time, the sole influx of modern music was found at the Catastrophic events thrown in Washington, DC and at the first Buzz and Fever parties. Campbell was soon shopping for records at the newly opened vinyl shops, including MusicNow.

An internship at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) brought Campbell to the world dance-music mecca, London.  Soon, Campbell, along with his brother, acquired a top-notch set of records that were, literally, before their time for the Washington, DC dance scene.  With this newly acquired knowledge and record collection, Campbell had the dance floors in constant motion after spinning a few unofficial guest spots at the Circle and Zei Club, both venues now gone.   The floors have not stopped moving since.

Campbell plays regularly in his home town of Washington, DC and is heard at venues throughout Europe.   Campbell has graced the DJ booth at parties ranging from exotic places (Guernsey) to huge venues (Biosphere, Vienna, Austria) where he has always been a crowd pleaser.