Who is Campbell?

Campbell is a traditional club DJ who spins mostly vinyl and caters to crowds that enjoy unconventional dance music experiences.  He spins a variety of styles including progressive House, electro-House, and his signature style, Hard Dance.

Campbell is co-founder of StoneFinger Productions, an Anglo-American DJ collective and promotional group.

More information about Campbell can be found in his Biography.  Information about past and future events can be found in the Event Calendar.  Signing up for the StoneFinger e-mailing list will allow you to keep informed about all upcoming events.



What's New ...


Campbell can still be heard at special events spinning Progressive and Electro House tunes at various venues around the DC area. Please check Event Calendar for event information, pictures and flyers.


Thursday, August 27 - Gazuza
Saturday, August 22 - Gazuza

Friday, July 10 -
Friday, April 3 - Gazuza
Thursday, March 12 - Gazuza
Wednesday, March 11 - Transit

Recent Residencies:

Various Days -
Saturdays - Atlantis @ Japone


October 2007 -
YouTube Video Posted: Live@TMBase05 (10/2002)

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